3 on 3 indoor soccer is played on a pitch half the size of the 5 on 5 pitch. With smaller goals and no goalie it makes for a quick, high-scoring format that is sure to get your heart racing!

Our indoor soccer seasons runs for approximately 15-20 rounds and the stadium emphasis is on fun & enjoyment, social but competitive  sports. All grades have competitions are on Wedesday and Thursday nights from 5.50pm. Within the competitions we have a large diversity of teams ranging from work groups playing for social get together, to groups of friends & family playing for exercise. With soccer being a fast, skilful & athletic sport it’s perfect for all age groups!


How Long

Cost: 3-a-Side
$48 game fee with a once off $48 Team Registration Fee
($48 Game fee divided by number of players on the day eg; 3,4 or 5)

How to Enter
Either drop in to the centre or click here.

3-a-side Wednesday & Thursday 5.50pm -7.20pm


All rules are the same as in traditional 5 a side indoor soccer except for the following: 

Defensive circle/Goalkeeper:

(a)   In general play there is no goalkeeper.

(b)   Only the defensive team is allowed in their own defensive circle. They are still not allowed to use hands inside the defensive circle.

NOTE: This player cannot use their hands to defend, only feet or body. If hands are used a penalty shot will be called.

(c)   In the event of a penalty shot, one player becomes a designated goalkeeper. Penalties are given if a foul is committed in the defensive third, designated by the yellow line. Hands can be used by the goalkeeper for a penalty shot. If a goal is not scored the ball becomes dead, and the goalkeeper will resume play by placing the ball on the ground to kick the ball into play. This must be done in 5 seconds.